MTV loves us

Beloved Wes alum Jordan Schulkin ’06 (“Hair Jordan?”) writes,

I am mostly mortified and semi-psyched to announce that I will be appearing on the television program “YO MOMMA” hosted by Wilmer Valderrama a.k.a. Fez from That 70’s Show. If you have not seen it… the show format involves mostly ragging on people’s mothers. Sort of a dumbell comedic version of 8 Mile. The show is on MTV and it sucks. Which is why I get to appear. And I get to represent the Bronx. That is not a typo.

Thurs. Nov. 9 on MTV @ 6pm. “Morris Park Vs. Throgs Neck”
Fri. Nov. 10 on MTV @ 6pm. “Best of the Bronx”

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