Best class ever?

You know the Delicious Movement workshop that Wesleyan holds once in a while? It’s a friggin’ class now. I love liberal arts education.

Delicious Movements for Forgetting, Remembering and Uncovering

EAST 244
Crosslisting: DANC 244
This course combines the “Delicious Movement Workshop” and the study of postwar Japanese arts. Grounded in Eiko & Koma’s movement vocabulary, the “Delicious Movement Workshop” is emphatically noncompetitive and appropriate for all levels of ability and training. Students of all majors are invited to attend. We will move/dance to actively forget the clutter of our lives so as to fully “taste” body and mind. Space and time, in which we move and create, is not a white canvas that stands alone and empty. Here and now is a continuous part of a larger geography (space) and history (time) and as such is dense with memories, shadows, and possibilities. Therefore it is important to learn about historical traumas and the resulting emotional implications of the violated lives of both the dead and the living. How does (did) art respond to violence and does (did) art help us survive? We will see art works and films from postwar Japan as examples of the artistic representations of despair and perseverance. We will also read literary works about the atomic bombings as those works aim to express what is essentially inexpressible. What is it to forget, remember, mourn, and pray? How do we transcend violence and loss? How does being a mover, a dancer, affect our learning and creativity? These are among the questions we will explore.
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