Rants/Rage Project

Aliza Simons ’09 says:

This Saturday, I’m holding the first filming of the Rants/Rage Project, a video documentation of the ranting and rage of Wesleyan students based around their experiences with society, culture and oppression.

Anyone who wants can come and have 2-3 minutes on camera to express themselves. The footage will then be edited into a video to show to Cultural Psychology (Psych 261).

Rants/rage aren’t just limited to an expression of anger. You can tell a story, say a sentence, scream, etc. If you do not feel comfortable with appearing in the documentary, but still want your voice to be heard, you can email me your rants/rage with instructions on how it should be read. Or, you can even speak off camera.

If there’s no way you can make it, shoot me an email at asimonsATwesleyanDOTedu. And, if you have any suggestions, feel free to email me.

Date: Saturday, November 11
Time: 1-4pm
Venue: Chinese House (Lawn Avenue, across from the Butts)

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