Withdrawal deadline!

The deadline to withdraw from a class is this THURSDAY at 5pm.

You will need to:

  1. Pick up a paper drop/add form (at the Registrar’s Office, 1st floor North College)
  2. Get the form signed by the instructor of the course, your faculty advisor, AND your class dean
  3. Bring the signed drop/add slip to the Registrar’s Office before 5pm on Thursday

I withdrew from a course last year and it was a relatively painless process, except for the, uh, feeling like a loser part.

Note that if you withdraw at this point, you will get a W on your transcript. You have two days to beg talk to your professor about your prospects in the course, so get on it. Usually the conversation goes something like this (in science classes, anyways)*:

You: “Professor, I’m thinking of withdrawing from [course].”
Professor: “Well, let’s pull up your grades. *Pulls up blackboard, takes out gradebook, etc*”
You: *anxious silence*
Professor: “What are your goals, grade-wise?”
You: “[babble, name a grade]”
Professor: “It is possible/not possible/possible if you get an 100 on the final.”
You: “*cry with relief/self-hatred/professor-hatred*”

If you do find yourself withdrawing from a course, be sure to sleep in or take a nap during what used to be your class time. It’s a golden feeling that you’ll (hopefully) only experience once.

*I’ve been through this process twice; Once where I ended up withdrawing and once where I decided to grit my teeth and take it like the dumbassstrong, ambitious Wesleyan student I am.

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