POI/Prerequsite overrides

More FAQs from the administrative front:

Permission of Instructor (POI):

The faculty member teaching a POI course has the POI forms. The Registrar’s Office does not have any.

You have to have the form signed by the professor and turned into the Registrar’s Office in order to rank the course.

But! You don’t have to add it now…once you have the form turned in, you can add the course at any point during pre-registration. If you want to rank something else you are trying to get into, by all means, add the POI course during adjustment.

Prerequisite Override Forms:

Prerequisite override forms are available at the Registrar’s Office (on the windowsill).

Once the instructor of the course signs the form, bring it back to the Registrar’s Office, and the you can add the course to your plan.

A prerequisite override doesn’t guarantee you a seat in the course. If you have an AP score, you still need a prerequisite override form.

(You have to fill out a prerequisite override form for every class you try to get into that needs that prereq; For instance, if you substituted your Bio AP score and opted out of taking 182, you can’t just fill out one override form and have it on file for every class that has 182 as a prerequisite.)

Preregistration Reminder:

You need to rank your courses AND have your adviser finalize your schedule before 5pm on Tuesday, November 21st. The algorithm runs that night so you’ll be able to check your classes during Thanksgiving Break.

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