Webmail fun fact

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve noticed that, err, both my hamster and now Wesleying have facebook accounts in the Wesleyan University network.

“But good madam!,” I hear you cry. “How can this be possible?! It is against the 2nd law of thermodynamics to join a college network without a .edu e-mail address*!”

The key: You technically have not one, not two, but three webmail accounts.

Say your name is Lepidosiren Paradoxa. Your webmail addresses are**:

  • lparadoxa@wesleyan.edu
  • lparadoxa@mail.wesleyan.edu
  • Lepidosiren.Paradoxa@wesleyan.edu

Mail sent to each one just ends up in your normal inbox, but, shhhhhhhhh. Enjoy.

(Oh, and–Don’t bother trying to create an account with a name that includes the words “Hamster” or “Squirrel.” It won’t let you. I’ve already tried.)

*I’m failing Physics, shut up.
**I don’t know how this works with e-mail addresses that include middle initials or numbers at the end, but if anyone can figure it out–Do tell us.

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