Meteor Shower – the Leonids!

This weekend (November 17-November 20) is this year’s Leonids meteor shower. The New York & New England area is one of the better viewing locations in the world, so take advantage of it! If the sky is clear enough, take a look out on Foss Hill sometime between 11:45 pm and 1:30 am tonight or tomorrow night, and see if you can spot some “shooting stars.”

If you can get away from campus, follow this advice from

If you live near a brightly lit city, drive away from the glow of city lights and toward the constellation from which the meteors will appear to radiate.

For example, drive north to view the Leonids. Driving south may lead you to darker skies, but the glow will dominate the northern horizon, where Leo rises.

After you’ve escaped the city glow, find a dark, secluded spot where oncoming car headlights will not periodically ruin your sensitive night vision. Look for state or city parks or other safe, dark sites.

Once you have settled at your observing spot, lay back or position yourself so the horizon appears at the edge of your peripheral vision, with the stars and sky filling your field of view. Meteors will instantly grab your attention as they streak by.

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