Fuck ambition!

From the Oct. 18, 1962 Daily Pennsylvanian:

Don’t let this girl’s costume fool you. She’s not really a mad scientist. She’s a girl — a real, live girl. It’s just that she has to prove something — to herself and to her family.

She has to prove that she has a brain and that, if she ever has to compete with men on their own terms, she can do it — and win. But she really doesn’t want to compete with men. In her heart she wants to attract men and eventually, marry one. The girl watcher should not let this situation disturb him, however.

If the girl is watchable, she should be watched, no matter what her motives or ambitions may be. The same thing is true of a cigarette. If it’s smokeable, it should be smoked — and Pall Mall is the most smokeable of all!

Note that her name is “White-Coated Lab Loon”.

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