Feeds, cacheing, facebook, and a reminder

A few quick things:

  1. I (Xue) have stopped importing Wesleying into my facebook notes.
  2. However, for the, like, three of you that use facebook to check for updates instead of just going to the damn site, posts are now being imported as Wesleying’s notes–So friend us if you wanna get in on that.
  3. We’ve noticed that Firefox tends to cache our site like whoa, so if you’re visiting the main page a lot and not seeing the latest updates, hit the refresh button in your toolbar (just re-clicking on the address bar and hitting “enter” won’t cut it)
  4. Finally, sign-up for Zombies vs. Humans ends on Wednesday and group membership will be closed. Join up before then if you want to play, and don’t forget to get your bandana and nerf gun/rubber band gun/bag of marshmallows over break!
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