Live in Earth House!

Hate your roommate?

Earth House (159 HIGH ST.) has three spaces open for next semester and will be accepting applications until November 29th.

Why Earth House?
Who wouldn’t want to live in a pretty pink house with a warm caring community of people who really cherish the earth? With the chance to be a part of a student cooking co-op, the resources to organize and make cool programs happen, and abundant opportunities to promote issues you care about on campus, the answer is obvious.

How to Apply:
Answer the questions below in a word document and email it to slmorrison(at) by Wednesday, Nov. 29th. (NO late applications will be considered)

Feel free to drop by to check the house out!

Earth House Application: SPRING 06-07
DUE NOV.29 Email to

Applicant name:
Applicant year:
Wes ID number:

1. Why do you want to live in Earth House? What is your experience/history with environmental issues on campus, locally, or elsewhere?

2. What can you bring to Earth House?

3. What programs would you like to see Earth House have next semester? How would you help make this happen?

4. How would you describe your living habits? (in terms of community space, roommate considerations, personal habits etc.)

5. Pick a mascot for Earth House. Explain.

6. If you could be a vegetable, what would you be and why? Elaborate.

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