Spam seen around Wes e-mailboxes

Random and funny spam mail seen around Wesleyan e-mailboxes:

  • “Are you there, Aida? Madonette said.”
  • “Furthermore, a slow inferiority complex starts reminiscing about lost glory, and a cocker spaniel inside a turn signal recognizes a cab driver beyond a cargo bay. If the girl scout related to the cloud formation dances with a demon defined by the salad dressing, then the earring ceases to exist.”
  • “The ancient allegiance at the Sid Morgan rail and grover of notebooks, the shadow slide directly to confessor, capasity in the terraces plus and multiple to withdrawing”
  • It’s a direct-fit design, with an all-aluminum constructionWhat kind of music are you into?”
  • “I was forced to study the language because the foreigners couldn’t speak Japanese”
  • “Hi, Stop disappointing your partner and join the lucky ones who have overcome this. Not just stopping it, but curing – Extra-Time conquers all reasons for the premature finish. Don’t let your partner leave you because of being unhappy with the duration of your acts.”

And finally, the subject to a spam..

  • “The head of your ppenis is so sensitive”
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