BU College Republicans Offer White Scholarship

I’ll just let this speak for itself:

The College Republicans said the “Caucasian Achievement and Recognition Scholarship” is meant to raise awareness about racial preferences.

“We know it’s ridiculous, but we think it’s ridiculous in the same way to give out a Hispanic scholarship or a scholarship based on race in any way shape or form,” said BUCR member Joe Mroszczyk.

The application for the $250 scholarship requires applicants be at least one-fourth Caucasian. Applicants must also submit two essays, one describing their ancestry and one describing “what it means to you to be a Caucasian-American today.”

“To give out scholarships based on economic need is one thing but to base it on race and race alone when they’re coming from the same places where the white folks are, I don’t think that provides any diversity at all,” said Mroszczyk.

No one has applied for the scholarship but plenty of students are talking about it.

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