Confessional Music

Welcome to the second installment of Confessional Music, in which I post confessions from the ACB and give them songs.

All files are temporary and for preview purposes only–If you like them, support the artists and buy their albums.

The confession: I have been singing and dancing alone in my room for the better part of the evening… and haven’t felt lonely. for the first time in a long time, i’m alright with being by myself. even kind of liking it.
The song: Stars – Ageless Beauty (The Most Serene Republic Remix) (Original here)
Buy album: Set Yourself On Fire

The confession: I’m rediculously happy and horny right now. It’s a good combo.
The song: Hefner – Hello Kitten
Buy album: Boxing Hefner

The confession: I am quickly falling out of love with a boy I’ve been with for three overwhelmingly dramatic years. It is kind of liberating.
The song: Mountain Goats – No Children (Awesome live version here)
Buy album: Tallahassee

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