Sleeping is giving in

…So, uh, you probably gleaned from Holly’s last post that she’s a little drunk recovering from a foodcoma. Case in point:

girl ziplocked: i somehow managed to cut my face
girl ziplocked: pretty badly
girl ziplocked: lol and didn’t notice
girl ziplocked: until like a half hour ago
girl ziplocked: when I peeled off dried blood off my cheek

You may also have noticed that it’s six-fucking-a.m. and the two of us seem to have transcended our bodily need to sleep. A somewhat useful talent when you, uhm, go to college and then blog about it.

For those who have healthy sleeping habits, don’t fret–There’s still hope come finals. Thinkgeek has an entire section dedicated to caffeine just for drowsy-bums like you, including but not limited to caffeinated water, caffeinated mints, caffeinated chocolates, caffeinated gum, caffeinated lip balm, and caffeinated soap. Caffeinated soap?! Holy jitters, Batman!

A friend of mine bought those chocolates once in high school and gave me one without telling me it contained 200mg of caffeine. For comparison, a Coca-Cola has about 45mg. I blurred around the edges for about two hours and then crashed so hard that my brain felt like it was cracking. AND IT WAS AWESOME.

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