Eric LaMotte ’09 just emailed telling us about an awesome new intramural sport that anyone and everyone can play on Sunday nights–BROOMBALL!

  • Broomball is a fun recreational sport, perhaps the level of competitiveness of inner tube water polo, that is played on an ice rink in sneakers. The object is to get a ball into the opposing team’s net using broom-like sticks.
  • It is likely that if you play broomball, you will fall down. Helmets are provided for safety.
  • Our next match is Sun. December 3rd, 9:45pm. All matches are played at the rink in the athletic center. The following matches will be played:

Sun. December 10th, 8:45pm
Sun. January 28th, 8:45pm
Sun. February 4th, 8:45pm
Sun. February 11th, 8:45pm
Sun. February 18th, 8:45pm

  • Players do not have to have pre-registered teams, they just show up to the game and we split everybody into two teams. Players are welcome to bring their friends.
  • Each player must bring a set of shoes that have not been worn outside this winter and that are reasonably clean. It is important that we do not track dirt onto the ice and it is ESPECIALLY important that we do not track salt (which is used to salt the roads during the winter) on the ice, as it melts the ice (just like it does on the roads).
  • Any questions can be sent to Eric LaMotte at elamotte@wes.

Sounds pretty awesome. If I don’t kill myself this weekend doing work, I might just be there.

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