Anti-Zombie Hate-Chalkings

Zombie Jackie Chapman ’08 writes in to tell us she’s not at all pleased with the emerging trend of anti-Zombeeism (Yeah, that’s how I choose to spell it. Go to hell). She sends us this picture chalked outside her low-rise today:

She has her suspicions that this cryptic post may have something to do with her tagging of one human’s roommate. His anguish at the loss of his comrades to the zombies is well documented:

Day 6: There’s not very many of us left. I’m the only member of the Braintrust left. Of the 3 of us, two were devoured by a clever quiet zombie this afternoon. I managed to stun her, but only after she turned my two comrades. That makes 6 of us down: 4 are members of the horde, one has evacuated, and the last has put himself to rest… permanently. Why I am left I do not know, but I can slowly feel my sanity slipping away… I can hear them clawing at my door, groaning in the rooms of my very suite… I will fight these bastards to the very end, but should I not last much longer, let this be my final testament to the will of mankind to survive.

Alex Dezieck, Chapter 6: “The Zombie Wars”

The Zombies are people, too, Dezieck. Albeit the living undead people, but people, too.

Note: Dezieck as of 1am today is now a zombie.

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