Contra Dance part 2

Liked contra dancing last time or (gasp) didn’t quite make it there? Rest easy, for a second round is coming up.

Contra dancing…

  • is easy to learn. All you need are dancing shoes. Sneakers will do.
  • “refers to a folk dance style in which couples dance in two facing lines”
  • is like square dancing. but better.
  • has a “caller.” She’ll tell you what to do and how to do it. There are very few “steps” involved (This is not riverdance), just general movement in circles and lines.
  • is more fun in long skirts that look pretty when they spin. (Because swinging your partner is involved).
  • is done to live music. fiddles, guitars and a piano, playing traditional Irish, Scottish and American tunes.

There will be a TEACH IN at 7:30, to go over some of the steps and the lingo.

The DANCE begins at 8! Come if you’ve done it for years. Come if you’ve never done it before.

Date: Saturday, December 9th
Time: 7:30pm – 10:00pm
Venue: Butt B Lounge

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