Free Emergency Contraception

Planned Parenthood believes that every sexually active woman that feels morally permitted to use emergency contraception should have a dose available in her home at all times just in case something unforeseen happens, like a condom breaking or a missed birth control pill or, in the worst case scenario, someone gets raped. Planned Parenthood, in attempt to make this dream a reality, is giving out one dose of emergency contraception per person that comes into participating clinics [I believe the Meriden, New Haven, and West Hartford clinics are all participating in this] on Wednesday, December 6th.

Bring your friends! Bring all of the women that you know that might even marginally benefit from this! Even if you’re not sexually active yourself, you can have a free dose of EC available for your sexually active friends.

To put things into perspective: A dose of Plan B at the Health Center costs $12. However, as the Health Center is closed on weekends, if you have to get it at a pharmacy it’ll cost upwards of $40. I found this out the hard way. Be prepared!

Date: Wednesday, December 6th
Time: 9:00am – 8:00pm
Venue: Planned Parenthood of Connecticut

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