The scent of prefrosh lingering in the air

It’s December, which means hapless high school seniors all over are either anxiously awaiting their ED I decisions, polishing up their ED II applications, or still working on their RD essays. To those of you considering good ol’ Wesleyan University as your home for the next four glorious years, we at Wesleying applaud your decision. We like it here. We like you. We hope you like us.

Since admissions brochures and campus tours can only tell you so much, have a look through the Argus, ask some questions on the Wesleyan livejournal community, and, of course, plow through some of the archives right here on Wesleying. Better yet, come on up to glorious, sunnyMiddletown and stay overnight. Boogie with the boogie club, sit in on a lecture, steal a lunch tray from Mocon and go sledding on Foss Hill (that is, if it’ll EVER FUCKING SNOW).

In the meantime, take a deep breath. You’re almost there.

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