Zombies vs. Humans – Day 7

10 humans, 21 zombies. The situation grows dire for both teams.

“The Zombie Wars” – Day 7

The zombies grow fewer now and the hordes have shrunk to a few desperate, starving stragglers. The cold weather may be to thank, the dead flesh produces no heat and can hardly move when temperatures drop below freezing. My weapons are scratched and battered but well-maintained, and I am tired but happy to be alive.

This place is a wasteland, an aftermath of civilization. Bodies still move in shambling steps, but no life shines in their dead eyes. Jaws slacken, but nothing recognizable as speech issues forth, only unsettling gibberish. The surviors are very few in number, and, in time, each of us will fall. Our only hope of reclaiming this planet is to reproduce, but I have encountered no women here who have not yet contracted the disease or lost their sanity. It appears that I must seek breeding stock elsewhere.

In retrospect it seems that little has changed. Kidding, kidding! Stay safe, survivors, it’s almost over.

Victor Scavera ’07
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