The last human has been killed. ZOMBIES WIN!!

Congrats to Chris Foster ’09, the last human to be taken down. What’s truly remarkable is that Chris spent the entirety of the game without a weapon. No socks, no marshmallows, no guns. At all. The guy’s in cross country, he can do what he wants. Also, shout-out to Drake Morgan ’07, who, as the second-to-last human standing and possibly the best armed of anyone, was finally overtaken by around 15 of the undead outside of Judd tonight. God rest ye merry gentlemen.

Celebratory Zombie song: The Zombies – This Will Be Our Year

Thanks to everyone who played! There is a second game in the works for the Spring semester, with a complete retooling of the rules. If you want a piece of the action, join the facebook group Zombies vs Humans (Spring ’07), and I’ll see you on the other side!

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