Wesleyan’s Hardy Boys Needed Again

Some of you may have gotten an e-mail about this, but as the “tell us if you know anything” type of news works best when people actually hear about it, I thought I’d post it here to reach more people… Maybe the two Wesleyan students who followed and caught a laptop-stealing townie can channel the Hardy Boys again*?

Last night, someone vandalized the [Butterfields] laundry room. A fire-extinguisher was taken and used to spray inside the machines. Some of the machines had clothes in them which were probably ruined. As the extinguisher chemicals are toxic, you are advised not to enter the laundry room. The laundry facilities cannot be used until the machines have been cleaned. If you have any information about this, please contact Public Safety.

*In other news, I can’t decide whether this was stupidly brave or just stupid. Stay safe, dear readers.

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