Banzai Ice Cream

Put your Red Bull away: Hershey’s has announced the creation of the first commercial energy ice cream.

Hershey’s Ice Cream has co-branded with the manufactures of a popular energy drink called Banzai to create Banzai Energy Ice. This 4.0 oz. treat comes in the form of a smooth, refreshing ice with a delicious citrus taste. Banzai is perfect for students, professionals, athletes, and anyone on-the-go, looking for that extra burst of energy. Whether you are sweating in the heat, playing in the game, dancing in the club, hanging at the bar, cramming at the library or just craving something sweet, Banzai Energy Ice is the perfect way to refresh your mind, body, and taste buds. With its innovative design and taste, Banzai Energy Ice is revolutionizing the world of energy supplements. Those who have sampled the product, rave about its delicious taste and energizing effect. Students at many samplings compared the taste to the market leader, Red Bull, but commented that Banzai had a better aftertaste.

Packaged in an easy squeeze-up container, Banzai Energy Ice is convenient and mess free. What’s next? Look for other Banzai Energy Ice flavors!

Banzai Energy Ice is slotted to come out this January. No word yet on the caffeine content, which is the really important part. I can imagine that this product will be a hit at raves, clubs and LAN parties–Basically anywhere with tons of sweaty, tired people–But how will it fare at icy New England universities? I’d be willing to give it a shot.

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