Steel Band explosion

Music 450’s been working hard this semester to bring the sounds of the steel band to you. Now it’s your turn to bring the audience to them.

Come on down to hear some traditional Carnival favorites, as well as original arrangements by the class. It’s music from the world’s biggest party (Carnival in Trinidad & Tobago), and should be a good time for all.

The location is the old squash court building next to North College. You may also know it as the construction office, the weird building that’s finally having a back put back on it, the condemned building with the chain-link fence surrounding all but one entrance, or “I didn’t know they had anything in there except capoeira.” I know, weird place for a concert, but it will be worth it. Go in that door on the front that isn’t surrounded by chain-link fence, up the stairs to your left to the third floor, and then take a right. You’ll pass a little door that looks like something out of Alice in Wonderland, and the next door is the one you want.

In there, the party begins!

Date: Monday, December 11th
Time: 8-9:30 PM
Venue: the old squash building next to NorthCo

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