Reading Week Rundown

Here is a so-far incomplete list of all the campus events going on at Wesleyan during reading week. As always, fucking tell us when we miss something grand and spectacular (for example, DM’s 24 hour show is…when?).

Monday, December 11
Donate to the Food Drive!
Onomatopoeia Final Concert
Steel Band Explosion
Vocal Debauchery: The Real World
Hanukkah Party

Tuesday, December 12
Donate to the Food Drive!
Digital Photo Exhibition
Waiting in Line Final Concert
The Banquet
Painting I Show
Making Flippy Floppy

Wednesday, December 13
Donate to the Food Drive!
Wes Sex

Thursday, December 14
Donate to the Food Drive!
Stress Free Zone

Friday, December 15
Donate to the Food Drive!
Wesleyan Spirits Fall Jam
Amy Crawford at GSAC

Saturday, December 16

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