On Common Ground

Earlier in the semester, members of Kol Israel (“the Zionist voice on campus”) and ADAPT (Association for Direct Action in Palestine/Israel Today) held an open moderated discussion called “On Common Ground,” after some tension in post-lecture Q&A sessions and Wespeak wars, to talk about both their differences and their common goals of peace, and to try to work towards something better together. The discussion went well, and students are hosting another such forum this coming Wednesday.

The topic will be “dialogue on campus.” Here are some possible questions… These questions are open to discussion:

How can the nature of discussion/debate on this campus stifle certain viewpoints regarding this issue? How does Islamiphobia/Anti-Arabism or racism shape public dialogue? How does anti-Semitism shape public dialogue? How does it affect dialogue specifically at Wesleyan? What, practically, can we do to improve dialogue? How can we make these discussions, in particular, better? How do we engage in coalition-building on campus?

Since the event is probably during dinner for most people; bring it with you if you’d like. Sharing is always welcome!

Time: 6 – 7:30 pm
Date: Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Venue: 200 Church


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