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If you’ve been procrastinating as much as I have, you’ve noticed that agwilliams.stu has been down for some time. Ashley posted the following message to the ACB to clear some shit up:

oooooooooooookkkkkk. hold on you internetting fools. i received a fair amount of emails this morning pointing me to this thread. i don’t read this board, and i don’t post on it. however- in this case i am making an exception because it’s gotten personal and hurt feelings:

number one. my boyfriend, who i am ridiculously in love with and think is awesome, kicked the network while we were fighting. he did not seek the network out purposefully, he is not a violent person, he is not a jackass.

number two. if i can recover the software from the hard-drive (which i almost definitely can) i can have the server back up and running just as soon as i have the chance to stare at it long enough, and probably steal some pieces from some shitty old computers i have at home. (to the people who were thinking of helping me…thanks. i might need your help finding parts when it gets to that point)

number three. don’t be mean and rowdy on the internet. especially when you can’t verify your sources. its too easy. and it just makes you look like a nasty person. this is actually a rather personal story, and is entirely peripheral to the actual relevant information that would be appropriate for this “newsfeed” you guys have going for yourselves, i.e. the network is physically broken. dunzo. end of story. thats all you needed to know slash tell your anonymous friends.

number four. remember: the network is NOT down. just the search engine. that means that if you remember the names of the computers with all that sweet porn you download, then you don’t even really need my silly cardboard box afterall. i think it would be constructive if you guys spend the remainder of this thread listing off good network computer names, instead of talking about how my boyfriend is a jerk.

love and rockets,

p.s. if anyone is ever curious about the network and its states of being up or down and why- email me. don’t czech this board. alls yall know my email address, i’m sure of it.

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