Demeter Fragrance Library

Wanna make your room smell less like leftover Chinese Food and more like…Lobster?

Demeter Fragrance Library offers perfumes scented like everything from the typical (Wisteria, Ylang Ylang) to the slightly off-kilter (Angel Food Cake, Black Pepper, Riding Crop) to the downright weird (Dirt, Beet Root, Mildew, Tobacco, Paperback). They even offer sets of related fragrances– Virtual Playground contains Grass, Dirt and Laundromat, and their Cocktail Party collection has Fuzzy Navel, Gin and Tonic and Sex on the Beach.

And yes, Lobster is a real product. Its description reads, “Not for the faint of heart. Probably our most obtuse fragrance, but it is “dead on” so to speak. The sea, sweet meat, and a hint of drawn butter.” I guess it’s more original than Febreeze.

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