Exciting film sponsored by Kol Israel!

Come see the movie “Turn Left at The End of The World

The story of two young women, Sarah and Nicole, living in an Israeli desert outpost and how they negotiate and experience coming-of-age, misfortune, the sexual revolution and the prejudiced relations surrounding them and the frienship the forms as a result. One Moroccan and one Indian, two communities with different backgrounds and the same goal struggle for a dignified existence in their dusty, isolated town, post-1968 war. Includes: a steamy affair, possesive not-boyfriends, urine-involving curses and one wacked out cricket game. Phenomenal, emotional and revealing of the arbitrariness of prejudice and the power of relationships.

“The film is hilarious and devastating, bleak and beautiful: the narrative flows between emotional family sagas and comic community events effortlessly.”

– Genevieve Butler

Sponsored by Kol Israel

Time: 4:15 pm
Date: Thursday, December 14th (TODAY!)
Venue: Fisk 210

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