Noxzema takes you back to 7th grade

Worst sponsored facebook group ever. Downgrade, Noxzema.

If you click on a storyline, you can fill in mad libs about your Weekend Getaway, Night on the Town, or Blind Date. They’re not even good mad libs. Sample:

In the weeks before her ADJECTIVE blind date, Zoe VERB ENDING IN -ED a bevy of blackheads brewing on her face. Knowing her date wouldn’t actually be blind, she VERB ENDING IN -ED to fight dirty. Every morning and night, Zoe would scrub up with Noxzema Triple Clean Blackhead Cleanser. Its triple-threat formula is toxic for blackheads. Before she knew it, she was VERB ENDING IN -ING those blackheads buh-bye. With her best face forward, Zoe was ADJECTIVE to find out if Mr. Right was just around the corner. Come date night, she stepped out in style– VERB ENDING IN -LY her favorite ADJECTIVE pumps and an eye-catching complexion to boot. Turns out, true love isn’t blind. Thanks to her skin savvy, Zoe’s blind date had a fairy-tale ending.

Someone was really hardcore about alliteration. English majors, take note.

Holly adds:

Excuse me, but muahhahahaaaaaaaaa.

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