Belly Boat: winter break west coast tour

You may have seen Belly Boat (featuring Silvie Margot Deutsch ’09), Laura Goldhamer ’06, or Daniela Gesundheit ’04 of Snowblink perform on campus, but west coast folks have a chance to see them live this winter break. Xue mentioned this earlier, but I figured I’d post the tour dates for those of you who may be lazy. This will give you an opportunity to hear some quality tunes while ditching your parents or the television reruns*. Or…if you’re the kind of person whose parents complain that you don’t spend enough time with them, why not bring them with you? They might be particularly interested in Natalie Tate remixing their p*ssy.

* Beware of “My Super Sweet Sixteen”. It is the best way to increase Brainrot.

  • January 3rd, 8:00PM– Santa Cruz, CA w/ Port o’Brien
  • January 5th, 8:00PM– Portland, OR w/ Laura Goldhamer
  • January 6th, 8:00PM– Olympia, WA w/ Laura Goldhamer, Natalie Tate
  • January 7th, 8:00PM– Seattle, WA w/ Laura Goldhamer, Natalie Tate
  • Januart 8th, 8:00PM– Eugene, OR w/ Laura Goldhamer, Natalie Tate
  • January 12th, 8:00PM– San Francisco, CA w/ Laura Goldhamer, Natalie Tate, Snowblink
  • January 14th, 8:00PM– Santa Cruz, CA w/ Laura Goldhamer, Isabela Soloman
  • January 16th, 9:00PM– Los Angeles, CA w/ Laura Goldhamer, Pocahaunted, Sounder
  • January 20th, 9:00PM– Santa Monica, CA featuring Snowblink only (details)

** All dates include Belly Boat except January 20th. See their myspace page for venue details as available.


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