Myths about Wesleyan your college guides tell

Factoid: “Thanks to the efforts of its fine admissions department, Wesleyan’s student population is one of the most diverse in the nation among highly selective universities. Students recognize the benefits of such a population, telling us, ‘Wesleyan’s greatest strength is its diverse student body. The huge range of perspectives and the intellectual hunger make Wes the vibrant and amazing community that it is.'”

Fact: Okay, Wesleyan’s diverse. We get it. Mention the term “Diversity University” among students, though, and you’ll most likely get a tired eye-roll; If you’re lucky, someone’ll go on a tirade. There have been deep rumblings in the belly of the University regarding Wesleyan’s supposed dedication to diversity and its shortcomings.

Factoid: Everyone at Wesleyan’s a vegan hippie activist! I love meat, what do I do?!

Fact: There are vegan hippie activists. There are also voracious carnivore frat boys, and everyone in between. Some students go to New Haven to protest something or another every month; others have never held a banner in their lives. So it goes. (But the Vegan Cafe is, in fact, delicious.)

Factoid: “Students tell us it is ‘a place for those wacky hippie types who would be interested in participating in a Jewish a cappella group, co-teaching at a high school, working towards a ‘third path’ to break outside of the current binary Israel/Palestine debate, singing in the campus gospel choir, and starring in a rock opera in which he/she/ze runs across the stage screaming his/her/hir lines wearing nothing but yellow suspenders and a rainbow-colored belt; or, for those who like a good film department.'”

Fact: This one is true, sort of. Except for those of you who are, ah, more normal (Don’t you dare think “boring”!), you’ll find a place here, too. The Wesleyan Livejournal community gets a ton of prefrosh every year asking something along the lines of, “Is Wesleyan too weird for me?” It is not.

Factoid: Most popular events— Spring Fling, Fall Ball, homecoming

Fact: I don’t know where they got this list. Fall Ball is pretty much a Foss Hill thing and homecoming, well, no one cares about homecoming except for football players and alumni. The actual most popular events? Spring Fling, 4/20 (coinciding with WesFest and Zonker Harris Day), and the Sex Party.

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