break it down, wes style

Bored at home this break? Looking for something to do?

Why not create a cover or remix of a booty-bass rap song? Yeah? Yeah? Well, you’re in luck. I’ve just been granted permission to run the first ever Yo Majesty remix/cover competition from my music blog. If you’d be interested, check out the details. If you’re not interested, perhaps quoting a few lyrics would make you interested…*ahem*,

“Fuck that shit. Fuck that shit. Fuck that shit. Say fuck that shit.”

This is perfect for any weskids that don’t like to write love songs, but would like to get their tunes out there. What else do you have to do this break but write an arrangement of this song for your band or a cappella group?…Yeah, that’s what I thought. Nothing.*** As a thank you for anyone who takes up the challenge, I will post all Wes-related results here on wesleying. And I’ll use my excess of points to buy you some food. Deal?

*** By nothing, I mean saving orphans from trees, or whatever real Wesleyan students are supposed to do on winter break. Speaking of being a real Wesleyan student, I have to get back to working on my thesis or else I will never graduate. Never.

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