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More potential naked party hoo-hah: If you’ve been to a naked party and you want be on CNN Headline News, contact Lola Pellegrino ’08. They’ll arrange transportation to a studio. She was invited to go but she doesn’t want to. Chop chop, they tape at 3:15pm EST this Friday. Her e-mail address is lpellegrino@wes.

Know what you’re getting into. It’s Glenn Beck. Beck’s likes and dislikes according to Wikipedia:

Likes: Bush (most of the time), torture as a means of “exploiting known terrorist information”, the smoking industry, big business.
Dislikes: Political correctness, environmentalism, euthanasia, abortion, capital punishment, raising the minimum wage.


Beck has been accused of using “hateful rhetoric” by his critics, some going so far as to call him a “professional hatemonger”.

This could be fun. For god’s sake, if it pans out, someone put it on Youtube?

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