Score one for liberal arts

GUYS! GUYS! There may be a future for us yet!

A panel of national higher education and business leaders issued a roadmap Wednesday for reforming higher education, arguing that college graduates must be able to do more than equip themselves for their first job.

Rather, it says in a report, “In an economy fueled by innovation, the capabilities developed through a liberal education have become America’s most valuable economic asset.”

The report identifies four “essential learning outcomes,” grounded primarily in the liberal arts, that graduates should possess. They are: a broad base of knowledge across multiple disciplines; intellectual and practical skills such as teamwork and problem-solving; a sense of personal and social responsibility, including ethical reasoning; and experience applying what they learn to real-world problems.

Granted, “The report was released as part of a 10-year initiative by a non-profit group that promotes the liberal arts”– What other conclusion could they come to? But hey, we take what we can get, here. Nevermind if “10-year initiative” sounds eerily reminiscent of “5-year plan”. Fuckin’ commies pushing their dastardly liberal arts agenda, conspiring to contaminate our previous bodily fluids…

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