Buying and Selling Textbooks Online

Textbook time! If you’re sick of Broad Street bending you over but hate browsing three or more shopping sites online just to find the best deal, Lilly Dagdigian ’08 suggests It’s a comparison shopping site for textbooks that trawls 40+ websites (including and Amazon–Click here for the full list of stores) for the best prices on new and used books. Search by title, ISBN, author, or keyword. What’s more is that you can input your shipping destination, state, and currency and AddALL will factor shipping into your final cost. It also supports international shipping, so it might be useful for those going abroad…

As for selling your used textbooks, I prefer It has a large number of users (meaning lots of potential buyers), charges no listing fee, your inventory remains listed indefinitely, and you don’t need a Paypal account– They do direct deposit! Also, it’s fully integrated into your ebay feedback, making it an ideal way to ease yourself into the world of online selling. However, Half does charge a rather sizable commission after sale– 5-15% based on the price of the book. It’s a price I’m willing to pay for simplicity of use.

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