Gender, etc.

Dan Grassian ’09 needs your help!

I want to create a play that encapsulates the intricacies of gender and its role in the lives of all different types of people at Wesleyan, America, and the world. The thing is, I need YOUR input, your friends’ input, etc. What I want right now is monologues, skits, speeches, dialogs, etc. Anything YOU write or someone you know or vaguely know or has something written will do. And will be greatly appreciated. The play will be addressing many different sides of gender, including its overlap, co-construction, and influence over and from other societal identities, including race, class, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

The image so far:
Think similar to Vagina Monologues. Several ‘actors’ who will read pieces written by Wesleyan students (and likely some others). I plan on everyone looking as androgynous as possible, with hair either pulled back or under hats, etc. Face makeup, androgynous or gender-confusing clothes… The people reading the parts will NOT be trying to play a ‘gender role.’

The only rules:
I do NOT want these pieces to include the words: ‘gender,’ ‘male,’ ‘female,’ ‘feminine,’ ‘masculine,’ ‘he,’ ‘she,’ or ‘sex’ (as in biological, not having sex…) If this confuses you or you have trouble with this, you can e-mail me or you can include these words and we can work with what you have…

Questions? Comments? Submissions? Want to get involved? Contact Dan at dlgrassian(at)

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