I’ve been deceived!!! FOR YEARS!

Today, I was reading Slashfood and found out that baby carrots are not actually baby carrots. No! They are ADULT carrots that have been cut and whittled down into bite-size shapes!


In 2006, most baby carrots come from Bakersfield, California, and make up a third of sales of fresh carrots in the United States. These baby carrots are really full grown carrots that have been cut into 2″ pieces and smoothed and shaped to look like baby carrots, the majority of which would have been thrown away as culls and few to cattle or just destroyed. In the late 1980’s Mike Yurosek a farmer in California got tired of seeing 400 tons of carrots a day being discarded and came up with a way to shape and form them into what look like baby carrots. The rest is an American success story with raw baby carrots making up 1/3 of the sales of fresh raw carrots and are one of the top vegetables consumed in the US.

(The foundations of my very existence are crumbling before my eyes.)

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