Spring Semester 2.0

  • A newish online tool called Gradefix promises to help boost your grades by helping you figure out the most efficient way to manage your time. (Example screen shot here.)
  • I’m a huge fan of Google Docs because it’s a way you can collaborate on a group project without the nonsense of sending word documents back and forth to one another (and then you end up opening up the wrong one and then being behind everyone else and commenting on something that was erased in the third version and oh lord what a mess).
  • Thinkature is another newish site that also facilitates group work. It’s kinda like what would happen if a chatroom, a whiteboard and a blog had a big online baby.
  • A site I haven’t really pinned down yet but seems really incredibly useful (especially if you’re way too organized for your own good) is Backpackit. It’s like a personal wikipedia of sorts that you can make checklists on, keep notes, lists, etc, all in one place.
  • Notemesh–is something I haven’t used. It’s a way for students in the same class to work together on keeping an online “group notebook.” I don’t know about it, though. If you want to upload all your notes that you went to class all semester for for someone who hasn’t gone once, be my guest. It just seems too prone to abuse.
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