Mixtapes do (not?) a criminal make.

This is ridic:

Three years ago, we were a bit surprised that the RIAA had hired a former director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and jokingly (we thought!) suggested that perhaps the RIAA was getting ready to bust down some doors. Not long after that, we were dismayed to hear that the RIAA had taken to dressing up foot soldiers in uniforms that made them look like they were a part of the FBI or some other law enforcement agency in order to intimidate street vendors. When that wasn’t enough, Hollywood lobbyists pushed to have the FBI play the role of enforcer, even having them raid a school at one point. Now, it looks like the RIAA has a SWAT team at its disposal as well. Apparently a federal SWAT team “assisted” the RIAA in raiding the studio of a DJ in Atlanta.

Yeah. These guys:

Busted down the studio of this guy:

Apparently, the use of such force was sort-of-maybe-necessary, because, as a police officer noted, “In this case, we didn’t find drugs and weapons, but it’s not uncommon for us to find other sorts of contraband when we execute a search warrant.” Oh. Okay.

As one astute commenter noted:
“But your honor, lots of DJs do drugs!”

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