Oh for cryin’ out loud

Well, we seem to have made someone in the Mystical Seven angry. To clear up some history for our audience and perhaps appease an irate spirit:

1. There are 2 M7s on campus. One is more or less the descendant of the Temple of the Wand from 1837. The other was formed in 1985. Both remain active.

2. In our posts, we try to consistently refer to these societies separately, as, respectively, old M7 and new M7. In this we have no choice, as we can’t go up to new M7 and say, “Hey guys, you’re making things really confusing when we blog about you. Can you change your name?” If you’re interested in questions of legitimacy, go to Olin and look at the Argus archives from the 90s, when the two groups were duking it out.

3. You may find that we sometimes refer to a Mr. Kylin. Kylin was in the class of 1984 and founded the new M7. He also runs The American Minerva, which has some publications from the original Cauldrons. We mention his name as a reference only. Unless you want me to unfurl a giant banner at the top of the page that says, “WESLEYING: REAL STUDENTS, REAL STUDENT LIFE, AND PS DON’T LISTEN TO ANYTHING KYLIN SAYS.”

4. For further reading regarding the M7(s), Benjamin Wyatt-Greene ’02 penned a thorough history that’s available here. You can also go to Special Collections and ask to see one of the first 19 Cauldrons; They are available for public viewing.

5. Finally, a while ago we speculated that the templum was to be renovated. Our anonymous Maraudin’ Mystic confirms,

– thanks for your concern, but the M7 templum renovation has been approved. the funny thing is that M7 has gotten stronger since the fire. oh well, it’ll be one hell of a grand opening party!

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