Drop/Add FAQs

Our friend Heather Alderfer ’02 at the registrar’s office points you to the Wesmaps archive, where you can find helpful information such as building codes and the faculty portrait gallery. She also adds the following pointers:

General drop/add info:

  • It opens at 8:30 tomorrow.
  • If you want to take more than 4 credits, your adviser may raise your credit limit.


  • You can change the grading mode and crosslisting (if available) in drop/add.
  • Tutorials, including senior theses, are still done on paper forms which need to be turned in to the registrar’s office (deadline: 5pm Feb. 6)
  • POIs and Prereq override forms are not used during drop/add– it is up to the instructor to let you in.
  • You can enroll in the university even though you may have holds (you still need to clear your holds).
  • You have to be on campus to enroll: if you are in a woodframe you have to come to campus or use VPN.

More questions? E-mail Heather at halderfer(at)wesleyan.edu, or if you’re shy, comment and we’ll ask her.

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