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Here’s another class option for you: Student forums. These don’t appear on Wesmaps but are taken for credit. To register for a Student Forum, contact the Student Leader of the forum. Students enroll in Student Forums during the drop/add period. Signed forms must be turned in to the Registrar’s Office. Enrollment limit is 15 per class.

Approved student forums for the upcoming spring semester:

ARST 420: Advanced Digital Photography
1.00 Credit
Student leaders: Lillian Laurence ’08, Julia Kessler ’08

E&ES 420: From Local to Global: Land and Water Use in Agriculture
1.00 Credit
Student leaders: Emma Kravet ’09, Susanna Myrseth ’10

ENGL 420: Psychoanalysis and Contemporary Philosophy
1.00 Credit
Student leader: Mark Kelley ’08

FGSS 420: Engaging with Contemporary Feminism
1.00 Credit
Student Leader: Nicole Strayer ’07

GOVT 420 : America In Our Time
1.00 Credit
Student leaders: Jake Levine ’08, Alex Rosen ’08, Alex Trepp ’08

MUSC 420 : Introduction to Taiko (Japanese Drumming)
.50 Credit
Student leader:
Sarah Elmaleh ’07

FGSS 420: Engaging with Contemporary Feminism:A student forum committed to
actively addressing current political issues through service learning,
student lead discussion, and multimedia presentation.
1.00 Credit
Student Leader: Nicole Strayer '07

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