Volunteer with the Elderly

Want to volunteer this semester? Have you thought about volunteering with the elderly? The Center for Community Partnerships offers a bunch of opportunities to get involved.

Below are a few examples. For more information contact Jeff Kessner ’07 at jkessner@wes.

1) Weekly Visits to One MacDonough Retirement Home

Friday afternoons from 2-4pm Wesleyan students typically meet at the Office of Community Services (167 High St.) at 1:45pm and walk down together. Once there, we play games with the elderly residents, talk with them, help serve snacks, etc. This does not have to be a weekly commitment – you can participate whenever you have time. Students who have volunteered at One MacDonough in the past find the experience extremely rewarding, make strong connections with some of the residents, and never laughed so hard in their lives!

2) Monthly Tuesday Night Dinner at the Middletown Senior Center

The Middletown Senior Center is always looking for student volunteers to help serve dinner once a month. Tom Hardin, the director, asks that interested volunteers first contact me and then we can arrange a time to speak with Tom directly. This is a monthly commitment, but the seniors here are great and the center is located right on the edge of campus, across from the bookstore at 150 Williams St. Wesleyan also sponsors an International Dessert Buffet or some other type of special activity at the Senior Center once a semester, so I will be in contact with you later in the semester with more information about that.

3) Russell Library Elderly Reading Program

This program works with the Russell Library to match students with elderly residents. Students typically meet once per week with the elderly resident and the student goes to the library to pick up and/or select books for the senior citizen to read. There are also opportunities for students to read books to a small group of seniors. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested in this program because the coordinator at Russell Library is trying to match students as quickly as possible.

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