Awesome job alert

So, let’s talk about Red Bull. It’s fizzy, it tastes vaguely like bubble gum, it keeps you up at night. Love it or hate it, it is also a freakin’ huge brand, and they’re looking for student representatives *ahem*– BRAND MANAGERS– for Wesleyan. You may have seen a little truck with a giant red bull can on its back doling out the stuff before… Or at least, it was around a lot two years ago; I haven’t seen it lately. In any case, you, too, can be the Santa Claus of college campuses: The Red Bull Guy.

The application seems short and sweet, and perks include a custom fridge full o’Red Bull for your room, $$$$$$, and you get to ride around in this thing. I know people who practically piss Red Bull. Make their day.

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