Breakthrough Collaborative

Learn about Breakthrough:

Breakthrough is a national non-profit that increases educational opportunity for high-potential, low-income middle school students and inspires outstanding college and high school students to pursue careers in education.

Consistently featured as a Top Ten Internship by the Princeton Review, Breakthrough’s innovative Students Teaching Students model partners middle-school students with college and high school students who serve as teachers, role models and mentors, providing real-life examples that it’s ‘cool to be smart’. Breakthrough boasts a proven ripple effect of positive results: 80% of Breakthrough student alumni are accepted to college preparatory programs and 72% of Breakthrough teachers, many of whom were Breakthrough students, go on to pursue professional careers in education.

Breakthrough teachers are talented high school and college students from around the country. They are bright, passionate, creative and intrigued by learning and teaching—even if they are not necessarily planning to become teachers. While teachers range from freshmen in high school to seniors in college, they work closely together as equals and colleagues.

As a teacher, you will: — Teach up to 3 academic classes and 1 elective in small classes of no more than 7 or 8 kids. — Participate in ongoing reflection about the work, the students, the program, and your personal involvement. — Be an active, positive role model for the students in the program. — Work with students’ families to best serve the needs of their children.

Join us to find out about this great opportunity to change lives and effect change! For more information, contact: epachico@wes, sswenson@wes(Campus Recruiter)

Date: Tuesday, February 6
Time: 8-9pm
Place: PAC 002

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