Snipe this auction

Oklahoma Wesleyan University— “A place of serious study, honest questions, and real connections. A university where Jesus is Lord” — is auctioning off a year of tuition on eBay.

From here:

The university on Saturday kicked off an eBay auction of a year of tuition, room and board at the private college. The bidding had reached $4,425 by 11 p.m.

Bidders can buy the tuition for themselves or someone else. Among the bidders will be current students at the school, which has an enrollment of about 1,030 students.

A year of tuition, room and board at Oklahoma Wesleyan costs about $23,000. The bidding will be open through Saturday.

It’s now up to $14,188.00, which is a little more than half the usual cost. For comparison, a year at Wes costs around $44,000, so an equivalent bid on a hypothetical Wesleyan auction would be $27,142.26. With the $16,857.74 you’d save, you could buy yourself roughly 75% of a year at OWU! Wowee!

(Side note: In the late 70s, then-President Colin Campbell was confronted by two students about his rationale for raising tuition to >$10,000. His response? “F-you“.)

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