Tips for Sending in Submissions

Hey Guys,

We love you. Seriously, we do. And we love posting your stuff. But we have some tips for how you can help us help you:

  • Do not just send us your flier verbatim, especially if you have tons of information on that flier. This is a blog and blogs are by their very nature very succinct. Try to rephrase the point of your meeting, event, lecture, etc, into a couple of sentences. Trust us that a short post (bullets work best) will get read by more people than your manifesto on everything there is to know about your event/issue (that’s what the event is for, isn’t it?). If it is at all helpful, try sending us links to the artist’s website, the imdb listing, etc. Saves a TON of space.
  • Try to “sell it.” For a lot of submissions, the obligation to make something sound worth going to falls upon us. When you send an event like “audition for my play at such and such time. Yeah.” Who the hell is going to go to that? If you aren’t enthusiastic about it, how do you expect other people to be? Instead, try to persuade people that your play, meeting, event is totally worth going to. Please don’t expect us to share your enthusiasm–you should share your enthusiasm.
  • We try to post things very close to the day they will actually be happening–unless we think that they will sell out early or will be so frikkin’ insanely popular that it’s the only thing people are going to talk about for weeks. We do this because attention span of people on this campus can be measured in hours, not days. We haven’t forgotten you if we don’t post your event immediately. Sometimes it just isn’t the right time. Relax. Go get a cup of hot cocoa.
  • We love you. We will help you in whatever you want. Seriously. Xue and I are two very clever, enterprising young ladies and when we’re not shopping a pilot about our dysfunctional relationship to major cable networks, we are more than happy to help you use this site to your benefit in any way we can.
  • We’re still looking for people who want to work on the blog. When I say this is insanely easy, I mean it. If you’re interested in working on Wesleying, please drop me a line at Hwood@wes.

Virtually yours,


Xue adds: If you do, in fact, send us your flier verbatim with no additional information and it sounds totally boring… We’ll still post it. No worries.

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