Tutor in Middletown

Hey kids, wanna relive middle school? I didn’t think so. But do you wanna help current middle school kids get through it? Try tutoring at Woodrow Wilson! I do it and I really enjoy it. The time commitment is pretty minimal but you really do get to know the kids you work with and it’s pretty rewarding.

The in-school component targets middle schoolers who are failing subjects, at risk of retention, and/or need general and academic support. Students are identified by their team of teachers and matched one-on-one with Wesleyan students. With a major focus on building relationships across the college-middle school gap, tutors assist students with schoolwork, work to identify major issues affecting students motivation, and serve as a general support for building confidence and changing academic performance. Tutors go to Woodrow Wilson during school hours, at either 10-12 or 1-3pm, Monday thru Friday. They pick what time slots work for them – we strongly encourage going twice a week (or more if you want), with very little, but some room for exceptions.

There is also an after-school part:

The after school component to the program runs on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 2:40-4:00 with a focus on creative projects. A small group of Wesleyan students spend the hour and a half working with a group of kids on homework as well as projects ranging from digital photography to comic books. The group meets every Sunday night at 9 to plan for the upcoming week and then every 3rd Sunday of the month serves as a forum for all participants in the program to discuss issues pertaining to education.

By the way, if you are work-study, you can get paid for this.

If you’re interested, come to the info session:

Date: Thursday, February 8
Time: 8pm
Place: Room 2 of the Campus center

For more info or to tell Jo you can’t make it to the meeting, email her at jbrownson@wes.

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