Freshmanities #1

As Wesleying’s newest and youngest contributor, I thought I’d write about matters of particular concern for freshman.

So I present to you, straight from the third floor of Fauver Frosh:
The Star Wars: Episode I Drinking Game

· Everytime the Nemodian Viceroys talk to Darth Sidious, take a drink
· Everytime the Nemodian Viceroys make you laugh or feel slightly racist, drink
· Everytime there’s a cheesy scene transition, drink
· Everytime Obi-Wan has a bad joke that isn’t funny at all, drink
· Everytime that it is painfully obvious that Palpatine and Darth Sidious are one and the same, drink
· Everytime Jar-Jar does something “wacky,” drink
· Everytime the battle droids do something (like scream in pain) that is outside of the realm of logic, drink
· Everytime midi-chlorians are explained, take a shot
· Everytime Boss Nass clicks like an egg timer, drink
· Everytime the word “Bongo” is said, drink
· Everytime Obi-Wan is seen fixing something, drink
· Everytime Qui-Gon says something proverbial, drink
· Everytime Captain Panaka makes an obvious observation, drink
· Everytime Queen Amidala changes costume, drink
· Everytime someone speaks Huttese, drink
· Everytime Anakin boosts his own ego, drink
· Everytime Sebulba is a jackass, drink
· Everytime Tusken Raiders appear on screen, drink
· Everytime Darth Maul talks, drink
· Everytime the Chapor Snippet necklace appears on screen, drink
· Everytime Anakin escapes from something that would most certainly destroy him, drink
· Everytime a Gungan uses a gerund in place of a verb, drink
· Everytime there is blatant foreshadowing, drink
· When Qui-Gon dies, take a shot
· Everytime transmissions are lost/blocked, drink
· Everytime someone says “Droid dekas,” drink

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16 thoughts on “Freshmanities #1

  1. Michelle

    Adam, there are two of us. That said, your missing D&D for this amuses the hell out of me.


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